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» WoG Era 2: Русская и Английская версии
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Raistlin Away

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Не знаю с чем это связано, подозрительно смахивает на баг. После добавления в пак своего файла "sptraits.txt" игра не запускается...


Создал новый глобальный мод: WoG Ultra Edition
28.05.2020 20:28
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V_Maiko Offline

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Raistlin, Wog code uses the text "sptraits.txt" specially designed for the same Wog, so if you replace it for example from Hota or Sod it would not work in any way, the difference between Sod and Wog are these texts at the end

Image: Screenshot-1.png
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28.05.2020 20:48
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Raistlin Away

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V_Maiko, I actualy used a modifed Sod-file... Thanks!

Создал новый глобальный мод: WoG Ultra Edition
28.05.2020 21:01
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Bes Offline

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(05.05.2015 21:48)Berserker Wrote:  

Algor, а ты вкурсе, что один забывчивый малый (теперь уже не малый), забыл нам всем в changelog про это рассказать?

так что можешь вот это своё дело упростить Mail1
29.05.2020 11:37
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helgtla Offline

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(29.05.2020 11:37)Bes Wrote:  
(05.05.2015 21:48)Berserker Wrote:  

А Вы на какой версии ЭРА ЭТО пробуете. Разве подобная команда не для 3.0? У меня пишет - invalid command parameters.

Карта-мод: STALKER
29.05.2020 12:07
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Algor Away

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Bes, helgtla прав, этого нет в 2.x ветке. И "забывчивый малый" об этом писал. Именно поэтому в функции и используется UN:C-решение.
А так, я б только за Yes

BattleHeroes Rus/Eng | ERA scripts (+ReMagic) Rus/Eng
29.05.2020 12:14
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Bes Offline

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Algor, дату цитаты Berserker'а посмотри... 2015!
есть подозрение, что Berserker что-то потерял в рабочем процессе (или где-то не срослось) Unsure
у меня 2,46 (была 2,77, но снёс её давича), так что "пишу" справку, опираясь на обрывки инфы на форуме и англ. истории релизов
29.05.2020 12:22
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Algor Away

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Bes, хватит уже вводить народ в заблуждение и копаться в древних цитатах Moral.
Вот тебе более актуальная ссылка.

BattleHeroes Rus/Eng | ERA scripts (+ReMagic) Rus/Eng
29.05.2020 12:31
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Bes Offline

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Algor, извиняюсь значит, я почему-то по поиску такого не находил... Sorry а саму тему не всегда читал, потому местами просто выпадал

P.S. а вообще, ты почему не в бане со вчерашнего дня? igrik'а надо звать срочно 148
(This post was last modified: 29.05.2020 12:38 by Bes.)
29.05.2020 12:36
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Algor Away

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Bes, уверен, что это всё равно не помогло, так что можно не считать помощью.
И да, я со следующего понедельника все равно в отпуске, так что самоизолируюсь из города и самозабанюсь во всяких интернетах. Не скучайте Sm

BattleHeroes Rus/Eng | ERA scripts (+ReMagic) Rus/Eng
29.05.2020 12:53
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Berserker Offline

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Era 3.0.0 Alpha 0, prerelease changelog:

Version 3.0.0 (06/2020)
[+] Introduced advanced ERM precompilation mode, called ERM 2.0 and activated via "ZVSE2" first line signature.
  Main features:
    - Named local variables to write human readable code instead of cryptic one.
      Example: !!HE-1:C0/0/?(monType:y)/?(monNum:y) instead of !!HE-1:C0/0/?y23/?y24;
    - Global named constants instead of magic numbers to write self-explaining code:
      Example: !?FU(OnKeyPressed)&x1=(KEY_1) instead of !?FU(OnKeyPressed)&x1=49; what is 49???
    - Strict distinguishing naming for functions, local variables and constants. No way to mix up.
      Example: thisIsVariable, THIS_IS_CONSTANT, ThisIsFunction and era_ThisIsFunctionAgain.

  ==== Named global constants ====
  Constant is named value, that is defined once and never changes. Like 13 (Archangel monster type).
  Constant can be used anywere, where numbers can be used. Era currently supports only integer numeric
  constants, written in all capitals: (MON_ARCHANGEL), (OBJ_MINE), (PLAYER_RED).
  Allowed characters are: [A-Z0-9_].
  To define a constant use the following instruction !#DC(CONSTANT_NAME) = 777; where 777 is arbitrary number.
  !#DC(PLAYER_BLUE)     = 1;

  To use a constant simply write its name in parentheses:
  !!OW:R(CURRENT_PLAYER)/(RES_GOLD)/d1000; give 1000 gold to current player

  will be compiled to

  !!OW:R-1/6/d1000; give 1000 gold to current player

  --- Naming ---
  Scripts writers must use unique prefix before constant names to prevent names collisions. Any constants without prefix
  may be added to ERA in the future and break your script.
  ; for mod Battle Heroes let's use prefix "BH_"
  !#DC(BH_CLASS_MAGE)    = 2;

  --- Globality ---
  Constants are global. It means, that one script can use constants of another script. To ensure, that your constants
  are always loaded before other scripts, place them in the script with high priority (ex. "1000 - phoenix consts.erm").
  --- Standard constants ---
  ERA provides file "1000 - era consts.erm" with many predefined constants, covering most values, mentioned in ERM help.
  Look through it before defining your own constant for secondary skill, monster or player color.

  ==== Named local variables ====
  Each ERM trigger (!?XX before next !?XX) can now declare and use own named local variables, allocated from
  x1..x16, y1..y100, z-1..z-10, e1..e100 sets.
  Named variables are replaced with regular variables during scripts compilation and do not influence the performance at all.
  Example: (day) may be compiled to y5;

  --- Naming ---
  Names of variables must be in so called "camelCase" and contain only [a-zA-Z0-9] characters. They must be wrapped
  in parantheses the same way, as function names are wrapped.
  Example of valid variables: (hero), (monNum), (isAutocombatMode), (specialObject7).

  --- Declaration ---
  Variables must be declared on the first usage: i.e their type (x, y, z, e, v) and array length (for arrays) must be specified.
  If you write '[some number]' after variable name, variable will become an array (sequence of variables) with specified length.
  If you write ':e' after variable name or array length, it will mean, that variable type is "e" (floating point numbers).

  !!HE-1:N?(hero:y); give some y-variable name "hero" and write current hero ID to it
  !#VA(arts[4]:y);   allocate 4 y-variables with sequential indexes and name the array "arts"

  !#VA instruction is pseudo-command, that is dropped from final compiled code and that can be used to hold variables declarations.
  ; The function calculates sum of two numbers
  !#VA(first:x) (second:x) (result:x); [bind "first" to x1, "second" to x2, "result" to x3]
  !!VR(result):S(first) +(second);     [calculate result]

  --- Usage ---
  It's allowed to specify the same type and array length for variables in every variable usage place, but it's not necessary.
  After you declared variable, there is no more any need to write its type/length.
  !!HE(hero):K1; kill hero with ID in (hero) variable.

  will be compiled to something like that:

  --- Arrays ---
  If you need not a single variable, but sequence of variables, for instance to hold [x, y, l] coordinates of objects,
  then you need an array. Specify array length in square brackets right after variable name during declaration.
  !#VA(coords[3]:y); allocate 3 y-variables named 'coords'

  Items or elements of arrays are zero-indexed and can be accessed by direct index.
  For 3-items array possible indexes are 0, 1, 2.

  will be compiled to something like that:

  If you don't specify array index, the first array element will be used. It means that
  (test) and (test[0]) have the same sense. Regular variables are considered arrays of length 1.

  --- Negative array indexes ---
  Negative array index means n-th item from the end. -1 will point to the last item, -2 to the one before the last one and so on.
  ; allocate array of 10 y-variables and assign the last one value 2000

  will be compiled to something like that:
  ; allocate y1..y10

  --- Releasing local variables ---
  If you don't need large variable array anymore, but want to declare another big array, then free the previous one.
  Syntax: !#VA(-variableName); will forget about specified variableName, allowing to reuse indexes, allocated for that variable.

  !#VA(myArts[100]:y); allocate y1..y100 to hold artifact IDs
  ...;                 use them
  !#VA(-myArts);       release 'myArts' name and y1..y100 indexes.
  !#VA(coords[3]:y);   allocate y1..y3 as 'coords' variable

  --- Getting variable address (real index) ---
  It's often necessary to get real index of variable or even array element. When you want to output "2" instead of
  y2, use address operator '@'.
  ; Initialize array with 3 artifacts

  ; Select one artifact randomly
  ; same as R0/0/2, generates random number in 0..2 range and assigns it to artPtr variable.
  ; Give artifact to hero

  will be compiled to something like that:

  Address operator "@" compiles to real (final) variable index. For instance, for array "test[10]:y" mapped to y50..y59
  (@test[1]) will compile to "51".

  Example of declaring array of 10 y-variables and initializing all of them with -1.

  !!re i/(@monTypes)/(@monTypes[-1]):; repeat from i = first array index to i = last array index
    !!VRyi:S-1; set -1 for current array item

  In other programming languages variables, holding other variables addresses/indexes are usually called "pointers"
  and abbreviated as "ptr" or "Ptr". We will rewrite the previous example with named variable in place of quick "i" var
  just for learning purposes.

  !!re (monTypePtr:y)/(@monTypes)/(@monTypes[-1]):; repeat from (monTypePtr) = first array index to (monTypePtr) = last array index
    !!VRy(monTypePtr):S-1; set -1 for current array item

  --- Naming function arguments ---
  Indexes for named local variables are allocated starting from the smallest possible value.
  It means, that we can name even function arguments if we declare them in the same order, as arguments will be passed.

  !#VA(hero:x) (skill:x) (result:x); now hero = x1, skill = x2, result = x3

  !?FU(...); some event
  !!FU(BH_GetHeroSecSkill)/(HERO_XERON)/(SKILL_FIRST_AID)/?(xeronFirstAidLevel:y); so what's the level of First Aid skill Xeron has? )

  --- Redeclaration ---
  If you need to declare variable in both branches of if-then block, specify type/length in both of them.

    !!VR(price:y):S(day) *100;
    !!VR(price:y):S(day) *(difficultyLevel) +300;

  --- Reusing same name in other trigger ---
  Variable names are local to nearest trigger only. New trigger starts with no declared variables.

  !!CM:F?(flags:y); flags = y1

  !#VA(flags[23]:e); flags is array, binded to e1..e23

  --- Interpolation ---
  To substitute local variables in string literals use %(varName) syntax. Example:
  !!VR(heroName:z):S^Robin Hood^;
  !!IF:Q2/^Would you like to hire %(heroName) for %(price) gold only?^;

  %y(varName) syntax is also supported and compiles to something like %yy5.

  ==== Named functions ====
  Function names must consist of [A-Za-z0-9_] characters only, start with letter and contain at least
  single lower case letter (a-z).
  There are two allowed naming methods:
  1) Start function with capital letter. (CalcHeroArmyPower), (ShowUpgradeDialog).
  ERA reserves right to declare prefixless functions, starting with "On" for events. This method is not
  recommended, due to possible names collisions in different mods. Two mods may declare functions
  will the same names and thus produce hard to debug bugs.

  2) Start function with any case unique prefix with '_' character. Prefix is usually mod abbreviation.
  For instance, for "Dwellings Extended" mod the following functions are used:

  --- Generating new events ---
  You can call function, even if it has no handlers. For instance, in Upgrade All Creatures mod you
  want to allow other scripts to be able to notify, what monster can be upgraded to in particular town.
  Just call not existing function like !!FU(auc_OnDetermineMonsterUpgrade):P... in your script with all
  necessary parameters and other scripts will be able to write new event handlers like:


  --- Passing function as handlers or callbacks ---
  You can use function as ordinary constant, compiled to number. You can assign it to variable or pass to
  another function.

  will compile to something like that


[+] Added 1000 era - stdlib.erm script, which will contain safe for all extra ERM functionality.
    Currently !?FU(OnEvenyDay) event is enhanced. Its handlers will receive 5 parameters:

    !#VA(day:x1) (weekDay:x) (once:x) (owner:x) (isAi:x);
    !!IF:M^%(day) %(weekDay) %(once) %(owner) %(isAi)^;

[+] Added 1000 era - consts.erm script with lots of constants to be used in ERM 2.0 scripts.
    Remember, that constants without mod name prefix are reserved for ERA.
    Prefer BH_GOLD_PER_VICTORY to GOLD_PER_VICTORY for Battle Heroes mod, for instance.

[+] Floating point variables (e-variables) are passed to ERM commands as raw 4 bytes value,
    treated by most commands as integer, which may cause many bugs, unless you know, what you are doing.
    The exception is !!VR:S command, allowing transparent conversion integer-float. To copy float value,
    stored in raw format in integer variable to e-variable and vice versa use !!VR:C command. It acts same
    as VR:S, but without data conversion.

[+] New command !!VR$1:S#2/#3. Convert float to integer using specific rounding mode.
    $1 - integer variable.
    #2 - float variable
    #3 - rounding mode:
      < 0 for floor operation (round towards negative infinity),
      0 for normal round (round half away from zero),
      > 0 for ceil operation (round towards positive infinity).

[+] !!VR: +/-/*/:/% convert both arguments to float if any is float before calculation and convert back
    to base var type on return.
    !!VR(koef:e):S25 :10; koef = 2.5
    !!VR(gold:y):S2 *koef; gold = 5, not 4

[+] New command !!VR$1:~#2
    Unsets bits #2 in $1 integer variable.
    !!VR(flags):~17; unset bits/flags 1 + 16 from (flags) variable.
[+] New command !!VR$1:Z#2. Creates trigger local temporary z-variable with given contents and assigns its index to integer variable.
    $1 - integer variable.
    #2 - any string.

    The command can be used to create temporal z-variables to change, for example, artifact description,
    show message and restore description.

[+] ^....^ literal in any ERM command is interpolated and replaced by temporal z-variable index before receiver
    execution. This z-variable is released right after receiver is executed.
    Don't use string literals in WoG 3.58 hint/description setting commands, because such descriptions have short life time.

    From now it's possible to pass strings to functions.

    ; Shows question dialog with caption. Returns boolean (1 on success and 0 on failure).
    !#VA(captionPtr:x) (questionPtr:x) (result:x);


    !!FU(ES_Ask):P^Sphinx asks you:^/^Do you really want to die, fighting my guards?^/?(answer:y);
    !!HE(CURRENT_HERO)&(answer)=1:K1; let him die )))

[+] Only regular ERT variables are interpolated automatically.
    Regular z-variables and temporal ert variables are not interpolated in receivers.
    It means, that !!VRz2:S^%%y5^; z2 is now really "%y5"

    Previously interpolation would be performed again and again recursively, converting %y5 into y5 value like 0.
    and even later using z2 in any command would run interpolation again.

    !!IF:M1/z2; will display "%y5", not y5 value.

[+] New VR$1:R/T syntax: 0/min/max - generates random value in given range and assignes it to $1 integer variable.
[+] VR:R/T now both support syntaxes with 1/2/3 arguments.
[+] VR:T uses Mersenne Twister qualitive generator, but it's not synchronized in multiplayer.
[+] VR:M1. -1 as length means "till string end".

[+] VR:M2 does not store token index in global variable anymore. Token index, that was ignored earlier, works now as expected.
   Token delimiters are [#1..#31, ' ', ',', '.']. Don't use for huge text, because performance is O(n^2), where n is tokens number.

[+] VR:M3 Base/radix is enforced to be in 2..16 range.

[+] ERM interpolation (expanding variables starting with % in string literals ^...^ and ERT strings) was fully rewritten.
    Upper case registry for old ERM variables is supported, but deprecated.
    %X1 is good, but %x1 is better.

    All new s^...^, i^...^ and named local variables are supported.
    Indirect references is supported.

    %s(named global variable)
    %i(named global variable)
    %zi^named global variable^

    Quick vars are supported:
    %i %g %k

    Interpolation of %Vf...t meaning is changed to real v-indexing
    %vi means v-var with i-index.
    %f means quick 'f' var.
    %i means quick 'i' var.

    %F5 means flag 5
    %Fx16 means flag with x16 index

    Function IDs and constants can be interpolated in the same way, as named local variables:
    %(CONST_NAME), %(era_FuncName), %(money), %y(moneyPtr)

[+] IF:M# now works with any string
[+] IF:N1/# now works with any string, not z1 only.
[+] IF:N# now works with any string.
[+] BA:B now can work with any string and integer.

[+] Call SN:F^GenerateDebugInfo^ to generate Debug directory contents, the same way as F11 does.

[+] Exported "NameTrigger" function (void NameTrigger(int TriggerId, const char* Name)), allowing plugins to
    give name to any ERM trigger, which can be used in ERM like !?FU(OnYourNewEvent).

[+] Updated "wog native dialogs" plugin by igrik. From now it's possible to select item in message dialogs
    using mouse double click.

[+] s^...^, ^...^, i^...^ can now be freely used in conditions.

[+] New d-modifiers (d~, d%, d|, d&, d<<, d>>) work with all receivers.

[+] Rewritten ert-strings storage implementation. Removed limit on 50000 strings. Increased add/delete operations
    performance (from linear search to binary tree search). Savegames format was changed.

[+] Added VR:C alternative for SN:M arrays. New command !!SN:U#1/#2/$3...up to $21 allows to set/check/get/modify
    many items of dynamical array.
    #1 - SN:M array ID.
    #2 - starting index
    $3... - items at starting index, starting index + 1, starting index + 2, etc.

[+] Added new command !!VR:R0/#min/#max, generating random value in specified range and assigning its to variable.
    Example: !!VRy1:R0/100/300; set y1 to random value in 100..300 range

[*] The following exported functions now return 4-bytes LONGBOOL value, 0 for false, -1 (0xFFFFFFFF) for true.
    "ReadStrFromIni", "WriteStrToIni", "SaveIni", "PatchExists", "PluginExists", "Ask".

[+] Added "1000 - era consts.erm" script to WoG mod with standard Era constants, including players,
    player bits, heroes, resources, objects, monsters, artifacts, spells. The file contents may be corrected
    and widened in the future. All constants were registered in Erm Editor, based on Sublime Text.

[+] Added "1000 - era stdlib.erm" script with universal ERM functions and events. Currently "OnEveryDay"
    event is enhanced with the following x-arguments: day, week day, once(0..1), owner (color), isAi (0..1).

[*] Fixed WoG bug with tactics detection on the very first round. Do not use BU:R in !?BR or !?FU(OnCombatRound) for zero round,
    because a few structures are not initialized at this moment and random crash may occur. First round code was moved after
    combat theme initialization and tactics popup message appearance.

[+] All *.ers files are loaded without name/quantity constraints. Previously only script00.ers..script99.ers were processed.

[+] HE:P command behavior was fixed. Teleport function with sound is called only if any coordinate
    was really changed. Advanced d-modifiers are supported for the first three parameters.

[+] HE:C0 command was rewritten.
    -1 and -2 values for creature type are not treated as "upgrade"/"degrade" anymore. Command supports any d-modifiers now.
    Exp. modifier parameter is now SET-only. Previosly !!HE:C0/0/?y1/?y2/d5000/2 would not increase slot experience.
    In fact, any GET syntax used to make ERM engine ignore stack experience at all. This bug was fixed.
    Creature Type < 0 or Number <= 0 will be normalized to Type -1, Number 0 automatically.
    Note, that in all cases the returned stack experience value is the one before applying any changes.

[+] Rewritten HE:X command to accept any number of parameters and understand any d-modifiers.
    Example: !!HE-1:X0/27 Xd1; become master of gold dragons

[+] Introduces many new d-modifiers for all ERM commands, except for GE:E/N, LE:E/N.
    d+# - integer addition
    d-# - integer substraction
    d*# - integer multiplication
    d:# - integer division
    d|# sets bits from # (bitwise OR operation)
    d& leaves only # bits, if any (bitwise AND operation)
    d& unsets bits, specified in #. d&17 unsets bits 1 and 16
    d%# calculates division modulo. 10%4 = 2, for instance.
    d<<# shifts original value bits to the left by # positions (bitwise logical shift left).
    d>># shifts original value bits to the right by # positions (bitwise logical shift right.

[+] Function parameters (FU:P, DO:P), which were passed using GET-syntax, are now initialized with
    original variable value. The behavior is similar to pass-by-reference in other programming languages.
    ; (value:x)

    !!FU(Add3):P?(numHeads:y); 10 is passed to function as the first argument, 13 is result

[+] Enhanced !!RD:I with new named parameters syntax.
    !!RD:I^parameter name^/?$parameter_value;
    ============================== Featured parameters: ==============================
    ^dlgId^        - Unique recruit dialog ID. Used to distinguish between nested dialogs (yep, it's possible). Reusable.
    ^townId^       - ID of town, for which dialog is opened or -1.
    ^dwellingId^   - ID of town dwelling, for which dialog is opened or -1. 0..6 non upgraded, 7..13 for upgraded.
                     Horde buildings (+X population) are treated as dwellings, they influence.
    ^slot^         - Active logical slot index.
    ^cost^         - Cost of single monster in current slot in gold.
    ^resource^     - Special resource for monster in current slot.
    ^resourceCost^ - Cost of single monster in current slot in special resource.
    ^quantity^     - Number of monsters, currently selected for recruitment.
    ^maxQuantity^  - Maximal number of monsters, the player can afford.

    !!RD:I^dlgId^/?(dlgId:y) I^townId^/?(townId:y) I^dwellingId^/?(dwellingId:y) I^slot^/?(slot:y) I^cost^/?(cost:y);
    !!RD:I^resource^/?(resource:y) I^resourceCost^/?(resourceCost:y) I^quantity^/?(quantity:y) I^maxQuantity^/?(maxQuantity:y);
    !!IF:M^(dlgId:y) (townId:y) (dwellingId:y) (slot:y) (cost:y) (resource:y) (resourceCost:y) (quantity:y) (maxQuantity:y)^;

[+] Enhanced !!UN:C command. It supports all d-modifiers now. New syntax with offset from address is available:
    Era always calls GetRealAddr for #addr, thus !!UN:C supports all extended/relocated game structures.

[+] WoG interface and WoG campaigns were extracted to appropriate standalone mods. ERA is now mostly Vanilla game with
    enhanced ERM engine and other modding capabilities.

[+] Added !!BM:Z?$addr command to get battle stack structure address.
[+] Added !!HE:Z?$addr command to get hero structure address.
[+] Introduced ERM 2.0 support for scripts, beginning with 'ZVSE2'.
[+] Doubled stack size for h3era.exe executable to allow trigger depth level up to 150, but better avoid such depth.

[+] WoG Campaign editor loads resources from hmm35wog.pac and uses virtual file system. No more Campaign Fix required.
[+] Added extended resources redirection support with wav/bik/smk files, including missing resources redirection.

[+] Added new plugins events "OnAfterLoadLods", occured right after lods/pacs are loaded and "OnAfterLoadMedia", occured
    when lod/pacs/snd/vids are loaded.

[*] ERA is recommended to be installed over Heroes 3 Complete only. Removed resources, which are already present in Complete lods.

[-] Restored functionality of Data\Redirections\Missing\*.json files, which are used to setup redirections
    for missing resources only.

[+] ERM quick vars (f..t) are now local to triggers. Use them safely.

[+] Update ERM Editor.
[+] Rewritten core of ERM engine. Greatly improved old macro support ($macronam$). Just for perfection.

[+] Extracted WoG campaigns into standalone mod, which was removed from Era installer package.

[+] "remove exe protection.bin" was applied to h3era.exe and removed as patch.

[+] Many resources and features were extracted from WoG mod into separate mods: Animated Object Flags, Animated Trees,
    No Prebattle Music, Secondary Skills Scrolling, Quick Savings, Fast Battle Animation, Improved Battle Decorations,
    WoG Interface, WoG Campaigns, Yona.

[+] Added new event "OnDetermineMonInfoDlgUpgrade", occured, when game determines wether to show upgrade button
    in monster info dialog. Parameters: MonType, UpgradedType or -1, Town ID or -1, Hero ID or -1.
    -1 for UpgradedType means no upgrade button (because of wrong town type or appropriate building being not built, or monster having no upgrade).
    You can change this value to allow universal Jelu-like behavior or any upgrade system.

    !#VA(monType:x) (upgType:x) (town:x) (hero:x);
    !!VR(upgType):S(MON_GOLD_DRAGON); allow upgrade anything into Gold Dragons

[+] SN/RD/MP receivers now support indexed parameters like vy6 or zi^myIndex^.

[+] SN:D may be used now in battle, being equal to BU:R.

[+] Added support for trigger local dynamical arrays. !!SN:M-1/#/#/-1 will allocate new dynamical array
    with ID, that will be automatically released after current trigger is exited. Thus no
    corresponding !!SN:M# is necessary to release this temporary array. It can be used, for instance,
    for large calculations or to pass string arguments to function.

    !!SN:M-1/4/1/-1;        [allocate 4 strings array (-1 = auto ID, 4 = 4 items, 1 = of string type, -1 = local to current trigger)]
    !!VR(dlgStrings:y):Sv1; [save array ID]
    ; Setup strings
    !!SN:M(dlgStrings)/0/^Select commander bonus:^;
    !!SN:M(dlgStrings)/1/^1) Attack^;
    !!SN:M(dlgStrings)/2/^2) Speed^;
    !!SN:M(dlgStrings)/3/^3) Health^;
    !!FU(PM_ShowDialog):P(dlgStrings); [pass 4 string to dialog showing function]
    ; here array with (dlgStrings) ID will be automatically freed, same as SN:M(dlgStrings);

    ; (dlgStrings:x) - dynamical array of 4 strings
    ; (items[3]:z)

[-] Fixed memory leakage in SN:M dynamical arrays deallocation and a few other places.

Скачать Герои 3 Эра и всё, что с ней связано / ERA 2.46f для старых модов
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01.06.2020 02:58
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Berserker, поздравляю с огромнейшей работе по развитию проекта ERA
P.S. выведи пока стадия тестирования тему по 3,0 отдельный топик, иначе люди запутаются что где что... да и тебе легче будет вести поддержку на первых парах
01.06.2020 04:46
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Bes, сделано. Спасибо! 4

Скачать Герои 3 Эра и всё, что с ней связано / ERA 2.46f для старых модов
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01.06.2020 04:53
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(18.05.2020 09:00)daemon_n Wrote:  lsgot2b, я это же и сказал) Все равно спасибо. Получается, проблема именно в коде вог. Тогда вот такая просьба: сыграйте с опцией "опыт существ без способностей". Точно надо понять, может, дело только в абилках, или вообще в любых бонусах для существ во время боя. Этот тест можно провести на одном компьютере - можно спокойно запустить 2 клиента игры и соединиться через tcp/ip. Результаты можешь скинуть и здесь, и на сервере Дискорд Rolleyes

Как и предполагалось, рассинхронизация происходит из - за доп. способностей существ. Мы сыграли с включенной настройкой (Опыт существ без способностей) и всё прошло "как по маслу" Цифры урона одинаковые на обоих компьютерах (проверяли во время битвы по скайпу). Скриншоты сделать не получилось, видимо из - за HD мода, так - как скрин искажался (прилагаю), но мы сделали фото с телефонов. И ещё был краш во время боя, на 6 или 7ой ход. Всю информацию прикрепляю.
02.06.2020 18:46
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lsgot2b, огромное спасибо за тестирование. Вылет во время боя был стабильный? На каком-то конкретном действии!

Скачать Герои 3 Эра и всё, что с ней связано / ERA 2.46f для старых модов
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02.06.2020 19:02
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