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(27.09.2017 15:50)Valery Wrote:  Nope, typing directly digits has no effect, need to hold control key in HD mod. Without HD is ok.
I tried on 4.208, few 5.0s and control key is not needed?
Anyhow, not really important.

I tried my idea from previous post... it kind of works. It's not perfect but in the end only digits remain. 105
Я попробовал то, что написал в предыдущем посте... Это работает. Это не идеально, но в конце концов только цифры.

int __stdcall edit_text_proc(_Dlg_* dlg, _EventMsg_* msg)
    int r = dlg->DefProc(msg);

    if (msg->type == MT_KEYDOWN || msg->type == MT_KEYUP || msg->type == MT_MOUSEBUTTON) {            // not absolutely necessary, less cpu intensive
        _DlgTextEdit_ *edit = (_DlgTextEdit_*)(dlg->GetItem(55));    // id of _DlgTextEdit_
        char edit_text[25];                                            // _DlgTextEdit_ max_len
        sprintf(edit_text, edit->text);                                // copy _DlgTextEdit_ text
        keep_digits(edit_text);                                        // keep only '0123456789' in string (with !is_digit())
        if (edit_text[0] == 0) {                                    // strlen == 0
            edit_text[0] = '0';                                        // put '0' as default
            edit_text[1] = 0;                                        // terminate string
        sprintf(edit->text, edit_text);                                // replace _DlgTextEdit_ text
        dlg->Redraw();                                                // redraw
    return r;

Got it working nice and fine 109

Add this also when creating. Noticed it was happening with creature dialog.
_DlgTextEdit_* edit= (_DlgTextEdit_*)(dlg->GetItem(#EDIT_ID#));
edit->redraw_actions = FALSE;

In proc, have keep_digits(edit_text) return 1 / 0 depending whether a non-digit was found e.g.
int keep_digits(char* input)
    char* dest = input;
    char* src = input;
    int non_digit = 0;

    while (*src)
        if (!isdigit(*src)) {
            non_digit = 1;
        *dest++ = *src++;
    *dest = '\0';
    return non_digit;

If true, decrease position of cursor "caret".
if (keep_digits(edit_text))    

Only "slight" bug is CTRL-V "paste"... cursor "caret" vanishes with non-digits.
...don't care too much about that one.
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29.09.2017 22:28
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