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ERA II - Berserker - 05.02.2012 00:05

Image: eralogo.png

Name: Era II + WoG 3.58f [converted to mod]
Version: 2.461
Size: 84.6 MB
Download: Direct link
Alt. download: N/A.
Intro: Read
Requires: SoD/Complete, NOT WoG

Credits: Bes, Darkloke, Jim Vogan, Sav, solitaire345, Valery (Salamandre), ZVS, HC community and others.

Image: lightbulb.gif Mod System.
Easily installed and uninstalled mods with advanced compatibility and extensibility, plugins and patches, mod manager and plugin manager with GUI (by SyDr).
Image: lightbulb.gif Portability.
Game and mods are fully portable. No traditional installation process, registry problems or CD requirements (optional).
Image: lightbulb.gif Advanced editor.
Integrated patch by GrayFace with mod support, custom plugins for editor, etc.
Image: lightbulb.gif Supplied mods.
Yona (new battle hint, new creature abilities).
Fast Battle Animation (speeds-up sounds, pre-battle music, battle animation).
Secondary Skills Scrolling
(no hidden skills, view up to 28 skills).
Lots of patches (see manual for details).
Image: lightbulb.gif Custom buttons, objects packs, colored texts, improved multiplayer, dozens of tweaks, etc.

Image: lightbulb.gif Ability to use third-party plugins and patches.
Image: lightbulb.gif Fix game and ERM scripting language bugs, make the development and debugging cycle for mods easier, make it easier to keep scripts compatibile with each other.
Image: lightbulb.gif Extension of the ERM language with new commands and events.
Image: lightbulb.gif Use of colored text in game dialogs.
Image: lightbulb.gif Simplified mod installation.
Image: lightbulb.gif Unification and standardization of game engine development.

Latest changes.

Version 2.4 August, 31.
[+] GrayFace's patch for editor was updated. Passability editing dialog now understands mod system.
[+] Fixed battle hint and log for modified by ERM damage from towers, moat and magic.
[+] Added fix for handling of negative offsets in fonts. Author - Sav.
[+] Added ERM scripts preprocessing. A sequence of three and more exclamation characters is treated as a comment and cut from source code at loading. Old WoG maps will not show error dialog at start.
[+] Added fixes for fire elemental and hell baron by Bes.
[+] Added "all war machines in blacksmith.dll.off" plugin by baratorch. It allows to buy all machines of war in blacksmith.
[+] Fixed WoG campaign error.
[+] Updated ERM UN:V command. WoG version is 400 now, ERM version is Era version * 1000.
[+] MMArchive was updated by Chinese programmer to support *.pac extension.
[+] File "era.h" was updated and now supports MSVC 9. Author - Sav.
[+] Added text tables editor by GrayFace.
[+] Commanders and emissaries are displayed in editor.
[*] Mod list generation mechanism was changed to a fully portable variant. Game loads mod list from file "Mods\list.txt" now. The lower the mod is in the list, the higher its priority is. Duplicates and blanks are ignored, as well as not existent items. Mods which are not mentioned in the list are considered disabled.
[*] Mod manager, plugin manager and Era Start Menu were updated.
[*] Jim Vogan's scripts were updated, some of them received options in WoG menu.
[*] Emerald tower can be visited only once, as it was in original 3.58f.
[*] InstallMod was updated to satisfy the requirements.
[-] Fixed a critical bug in era.dll. If any mod folder had attributes, it was not added to mod list at game start.
[-] Fixed OnBattleMouseHint event. If player has detailed statistics off in battle options, damage arguments are set to -1.
[-] Fixed and improved logging.
[-] Fixed problem with Yona and "0 (0)" battle hint.
[-] Fixed Era 1.81..Era 2.4 code used to modify memory blocks.
[-] Fixed bug in text scanner. No more hangs because of colored strings if the form of "{~...}...{~".
[-] Fixed bug in secondary skills boost. Credits: Valery.

Version 2.3 June, 10.
[+] Added support for negative z, e, y variables to all Era commands.
[+] Added DL-Dialogs editor by GrayFace. It's tool #16 in Era Start Menu.
[+] Added fixed snow objects for adventure map.
[+] Added updated lakes by Darkloke.
[+] Added support for "no secondary skills limit" patch to "battle academy" and "school of wizardry" scripts.
    Author: majaczek.
[*] Era Start Menu now displays current page number in title.
[*] If duplicates are found in zeobjts files, map editor reports error instead of crashing.
[*] Plugin "all war machines in blacksmith.dll.off" is considered deprecated and was removed.
[-] Fixed avwattak.def which caused rare crashes.

RE: ERA II - Darty - 05.02.2012 10:30

this is great bers,thaks.now a noob question:how do i install the previos wog mods?those packed in a .wog

RE: ERA II - Berserker - 05.02.2012 15:23

Darty, thanks. You cannot install wog-archiives anymore. Their contents is to be converted into mods.

RE: ERA II - Darty - 05.02.2012 18:21

and...how do yo do that? :">

RE: ERA II - Berserker - 05.02.2012 19:11

Mod is a folder with the same structure as game/wog 3.58f had. Resources are packed into snd/vid/pac archives using MMArchive.

RE: ERA II - Gombiel - 17.02.2012 00:56

Great job, but is it possible to use HiRez with this mod? If so, could you explain how to install HiRez on Era II?
Thanks in advance.

RE: ERA II - Berserker - 17.02.2012 15:43

The same way as it's done on other version. HD 3.X can launch any executable file, afair. Still did not tested it.

RE: ERA II - Berserker - 11.06.2012 01:03

Updated to 2.3.

RE: ERA II - Berserker - 01.09.2012 17:36

Updated to 2.4.

RE: ERA II - armand - 21.07.2016 13:40

Hello guys,

First I'd like to thank you for keeping Heroes 3 spirit alive and for all the great new features. Great work indeed!

I'm not sure if this is the right place for such question but anyway...

Where can I get the latest version of ERA II?
Is the latest version 2.46?

I found several sites offering Era 2.46 but the downloaded files where having several viruses/trojans.

Where can I get a virus-free latest ERA II?

I saw that you are maintaining a site offering all the ERA mods. Would it be possible to provide there also ERA II virus-free installation download? One cannot use the mods at all without the main engine you know Sm

Thanks again!

RE: ERA II - Valery - 21.07.2016 14:41

The same site is offering Era 2 and all the mods.


if you get trojan/virus alert from this site, is that your anti virus is bad quality, all files are clean and I am personally responsible of them. Well, unless someone hacked it, but then we would receive more than one warning.

You can also scan them online. All the exe files are openable with winrar too, the exe just has the command for installing them in proper location.

RE: ERA II - gamecreator - 21.07.2016 15:39

Updated original post with version info and link from russian thread.

RE: ERA II - armand - 22.07.2016 13:03

Thanks a lot for the quick reply and for the links!
I'll try those tonight and write back.

RE: ERA II - armand - 23.07.2016 03:36

gamecreator's Era version is 2.461 while Valery's is 2.46.
The binary files differ. What is different between 2.461 and 2.46?

In both archives the following files seem infected:

buttons.dll - Suspicious.Cloud.7.F
defka.exe - Trojan.Gen.2
repman.exe - Trojan.Gen.SMH
lodimport.exe - Trojan.Gen.SMH

The self-extracting archive 2.461 itself is containing Heur.AdvML.B

Thanks once again!

RE: ERA II - Valery - 23.07.2016 03:41

Is your antivirus which is bad. Cheap/free antiviruses will reports any false positives. Use kaspersky, norton, or scan Era with their tools, you will see is clean.

RE: ERA II - armand - 23.07.2016 03:55

I'm using Norton.

RE: ERA II - Valery - 23.07.2016 04:25

Then I don't know, I use both Norton and Kaspersky (the premium versions) and of course they say is safe.

RE: ERA II - gamecreator - 23.07.2016 12:16

armand, it's not "my" ERA, it's official. You aren't going to find any better. I don't know why it is named 2.461.
As for antiviruses, ERA is a mod and a modding platform, meaning it changes the game code while the game is running to implement its functionality. Of course it would be considered suspicious, as viruses do the same. As you may see from your results, the antivirus declares ERA components or various tools a virus based on unreliable heuristic indications. Antiviruses aren't perfect, armand, sometimes they need to be overruled by common sense.

RE: ERA II - armand - 25.07.2016 13:59

gamecreator, perhaps you are right.

It seems that only the self-extractor issue was caught by heuristics.

If "your" version is the official 2.46 then it doesn't make sense to be different than Valery's 2.46 version (if his is also the official). Yet, they are binary different.

As for the ERA being a modding platform - can't we say the same thing about WoG 3.58f?
Yet, I've never come across virus thread while scanning WoG. This might be due to the .wog files though.

Anyway, thank you both for the help guys, I'll try once more without heuristics to see if that helps.

RE: ERA II - gamecreator - 25.07.2016 14:34

(25.07.2016 13:59)armand Wrote:  If "your" version is the official 2.46 then it doesn't make sense to be different than Valery's 2.46 version (if his is also the official). Yet, they are binary different.
Valery's version is older.
(25.07.2016 13:59)armand Wrote:  As for the ERA being a modding platform - can't we say the same thing about WoG 3.58f?
Yet, I've never come across virus thread while scanning WoG. This might be due to the .wog files though.
There were such threads, haven't seen any recently though. Perhaps WoG is so old and widespread that antivirus developers added it to exceptions. Also WoG is mostly internal: it is contained within the exe file itself. ERA is mostly external.

RE: ERA II - Valery - 25.07.2016 20:10

I don't think there are any differences between, I hold the version Bersy put on his site too. I don't recall him having updated 2.46, it was planned to be re-released with erm help additional codes but it didn't. Probably differences from packing process?

RE: ERA II - gamecreator - 25.07.2016 20:32

No, there is a difference. era.dll is dated later (18.07.13) and you can see the changes in source code, though I'm not sure what they mean. Something to do with ERA's file system. You must have downloaded it before the change and then put what you had on the side instead of redownloading.

RE: ERA II - Valery - 25.07.2016 21:07

Ah I see, wasnt aware of dll. Will update my version as soon as I have access again to wakeofgods.

RE: ERA II - armand - 26.07.2016 03:16

The differences are in era.dll, eramap.dll and small changes in some sources - mainly in version string (gamecreator's copy is version 2.461) but also in some functions regarding canonical names.

FYI I re-scanned for viruses with heuristic detection turned off and again detected:
Trojan.Gen.2 in defka.exe and
Trojan.Gen.SMH in lodimport.exe and repman.exe

I think I'll stick to WoG 3.58f for now, thank you for all the help and suggestions.

RE: ERA II - igrik - 26.07.2016 10:46

armand Wrote:FYI I re-scanned for viruses with heuristic detection turned off and again detected:
Trojan.Gen.2 in defka.exe and
Trojan.Gen.SMH in lodimport.exe and repman.exe
If you do not trust, delete the two files manually. Functional ERA will not be harmed.

RE: ERA II - gamecreator - 26.07.2016 10:58

armand, your loss.

RE: ERA II - v3r3r - 21.01.2017 12:51

(05.02.2012 00:05)Berserker Wrote:  Download: Direct link

Сервер не найден..

RE: ERA II - Bes - 22.01.2017 00:22

v3r3r, зеркало